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Learning is a core capability of high-performing software teams.

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It comprises the skills and behaviours that support continuous improvement and nudge us into the funnel of flow - that joyous place where we become one with our work. As engineering leaders, it is important then, that we consider the learning culture and capabilities of our teams if we are to support them in delivering value. But how? In 2022 I spoke at LeadDev Berlin about a Lean DevOps approach to continuous learning. Towards the end of the talk I raised the question: How can we measure learning culture? I invited people to come forward and be part of an experiment aimed at answering this question. In this talk, I’d like to share what I have learned since. Specifically, I will talk about how I have been measuring learning culture and using the data to uplift learning capability in different organizations and teams. While still an experiment in progress, the methods and tools I’m using are mature enough to be shared, so as to invite commentary and feedback from fellow practitioners. I’ll also make a case for letting teams own and discover their learning and development goals and tooling, explaining why, in a sector that is constantly in flux, a team-first approach to learning is one that makes sense.