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Today's tech landscape has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis over the past year, and it's a far cry from the world we knew even before the pandemic hit.

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For both emerging engineering leaders and seasoned veterans, the relentless boom in the tech industry has been the status quo. However, this unceasing momentum is now giving way to seismic shifts, promising to reshape the entire industry. But on a more personal level, it also means that a lot of the skills you’ve been learning don’t quite turn the lock as smoothly as they used to.

Don't get me wrong; the skills we've honed over the years are still incredibly valuable. However, to wield them effectively in today's evolving environment, we are going to need to adapt what we’ve learned for this new setting. In this talk, we’ll be calling out what the folks in the room are thinking, looking at what it means to lead in a post-boom environment, and thinking about how we can create a sense of stability for ourselves and our teams.