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One of your responsibilities as a technical leader is to ensure your team has the tools and technology in place to deliver on your project vision.

But as projects and teams grow tools get out of date, architecture buckles, and technologies age. Teams that can take advantage of the newest technology advancements have a competitive advantage. Teams that can not are at risk of being disrupted by nimbler competitors.

Constant rewrites, unhappy developers, and brittle architecture are common signs of stagnant code bases. These things are not inevitable the tools and processes exist for maintaining a modern codebase at scale.

This talk discusses the approaches to incrementally evolve your codebase over time.

You’ll learn techniques for:

- Creating a compelling technical vision, sharing that vision, and creating buy-in.

- Developing an incremental plan for reaching that vision. Tools and techniques for breaking it down into more manageable pieces.

- and, most importantly, how to successfully guide an organization, of one team or twenty, to achieve that vision. How to coordinate multiple groups with different priorities.