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Engineering management is a people-first job role that requires you to quickly establish rapport with your team; establish relationships with your partners, peers, and stakeholders; and lead the company to successful outcomes.

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In a role that relies heavily on interactions with humans and influencing outcomes through others, ramping up in a completely remote work environment is a challenge.
This talk summarizes tips, tools, and techniques for personal development, team development, and process management. The techniques that people leaders have used in the past in in-office roles to build relationships and ramp up are no longer as effective in a remote work environment. We will discuss the pros and cons of onboarding remotely as a manager, and strategies to help build connections, instill psychological safety in teams, and ramp up quickly. We will go over some of the benefits of a remote environment that you can use to your advantage while ramping up as a people manager, and some caveats you have to watch out for. We will also go over how to avoid the feeling of sustained isolation as a manager, and cultivate a sense of belonging in the team while working remotely. We will also go over techniques for collaborating across time zones with teams and individuals on projects and processes