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Aggravations! Annoyances! Failures! Flaws! *UGH*! 
Frustrations are inevitable at work — doubly so when you’re given the increased visibility of a manager or staff+ developer. Calling out imperfections around you is an important step in making them better. But with increased visibility comes increased scrutiny and personal influence with other developers. A single poorly-placed snide side remark can wreck your reputation.

I, a serial complainer with a catchy smile, will walk you through the steps I take to make sure my complaining is heard and felt without causing pain:

• Portraying a positive persona: smiling, and taking the ‘meat’ out of some of your feedback sandwiches
• Knowing when to take conversations private - or just give up
• Re-reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (the 21st century edition) once a year
• Seeing your messaging through the eyes of your teammates
• Taking time to stop complaining and feel good about the situation (or quit)

These tips and strategies will help you keep complaining in a positive, action-oriented manner — without alienating the rest of your company.