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In my journey through the tech industry, I've been fortunate to be part of some teams that prioritize diversity and gender inclusivity.

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However, there's a crucial topic I've noticed remains largely untouched: menstruation. It's not enough to merely celebrate diverse teams; we must understand and embrace the experiences that come with them. For leaders in the tech space, understanding these nuances isn't just about being considerate; it's a strategic imperative. Menstruation and conditions like endometriosis aren’t merely personal challenges; they have tangible implications on performance and team dynamics. In this talk, I'll spotlight the often-underestimated influence of menstruation on tech teams. Through personal anecdotes, I'll offer actionable insights on fostering conversations around this topic, paving the way for both inclusivity and heightened productivity. Gone are the days where we sidestep topics like menstruation. Addressing them head-on can lead to optimized workplaces where every team member feels validated and supported. By shedding light on menstruation and its workplace implications, we champion a tech industry that's not only diverse but also informed, compassionate, and at its productive best.