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In the wake of the chatGPT, the whole world is joining hands to experience this recent AI innovation.

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Microsoft has announced >10 billion worth of investments for OpenAI and integrated ChatGPT into their Power Virtual Agents platform. Other companies like Shopify, Instacart, Slack, and many others are integrating with chatGPT to power new features. Companies like Google, Amazon, etc., are building their own conversational generative artificial intelligence tools. There is almost a race for every company where they must associate with generative AI features to stay competitive in this market.

Suppose you are a data scientist or a data science leader in this environment. In that case, you must catch up with the latest and the newest trends, scale up the architecture, and educate your company leaders in this journey. The newfound enthusiasm for AI and shipping AI features in an inclusive way where everyone is interested in learning and participating in this field can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, it will eventually act as a champion for data science/ML/AI teams and team members. In this talk, I will illustrate how to participate as a data science professional and leader to take your company through a successful journey in today's LLM and AI landscape, releasing features and enhancing ROI, and doing all this with AI as your friend, leveraging some of the AI tools in the market, giving you speed and increasing productivity.