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Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) are triggered when an employee's performance is considered below a certain level.

June 27-29, 2023 Conference
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Very often, they are considered just a redundant process before terminating the employee's contract. But they shouldn't have to end with a negative outcome! This talk describes an approach to PIPs in which the manager helps to set the employee up for success. It starts from even before the beginning, with what can be done to avoid reaching this point. Assuming it can't be avoided, it moves into how to start the process with a clear conversation about objectives. It continues with practices to follow during the whole process, showing explicit support, building a network of peers while preserving confidentiality, etc. Finally, it covers the wrap up (with a positive or negative outcome) and follow ups to avoid repeating the situation. As a wrap, we will cover some feedback received during and after real cases, which can help to reflect on how to conduct better future ones.