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The last couple of years, but especially in 2022 have been very challenging for tech companies of any size.

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I am sure that any engineer leader struggle with topics like finding clarity, providing support to their teammates, and rebuilding a healthy team through troubling times.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to help your teammates in these difficult times. Throughout my career as an Engineering Leader, I have been unlucky enough to go through multiple reorganizations and even two rounds of layoffs.

The talk will cover topics of:

  • Providing clarity to yourself and finding energy and motivation to rebuild as a leader.
  • Providing clarity to your teammates and different ways of offering support
  • Organization re-structure with the intent of bringing people together with a clear scope.
  • Tips and tricks on rebuilding the culture and team cohesion.

Wherever people are in their career journey, either as engineering leaders or senior individual contributors, this talk should give the audience insights and tools that they can use to navigate uncertain and changing times.