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With the advent of coding assistance tools powered by Large Language Models, enthusiasts are already predicting the end of the programming profession, and some leaders want to know if they can now cut software teams in half.

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This talk gives an overview of what is actually possible today and walks through 4 capabilities of Large Language Models that can help us be more effective at software delivery. And it will go beyond coding: How can AI help boost productivity, creativity, and effectiveness in other parts of the delivery lifecycle as well? For which situations and tasks is it helpful to turn to a GenAI assistant, and when are you better off on your own? What are the risks and challenges, and how do you tackle them?

At the end of this talk, you will have a better understanding of the possibilities and risks of using this technology, you will be better able to judge when and how to use them, and better equipped to discuss the question if we will soon be able to build software with half the people.