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The Data Group at Squarespace has been on a transformational journey to migrate our systems to the cloud. At the beginning of 2022, we were running entirely on our own hardware; but by the end of 2023 we expect to be 100% cloud native. 

Picking where to start, and how to prioritize our efforts took considerable planning. Dozens of compute resources and data sets have come along for the ride up till now, and more are to come. 

Ultimately, some key steps we took have enabled us to succeed thus far. 

Our talk will cover the strategy, tactics and execution that went into effect to make the migration to being cloud native over possible. 

In the talk we’ll cover how we chose a variety of tactics and accepted trade offs to enable the effort required in order to migrate. Themes in the talk will include:

  • Strategic Direction and its influence on the architecture.
  • Alignment and guiding policies, and how the lack there of slowed our first steps.
  • We had to carefully consider which components to keep and which to re-evaluate. 
  • Quite often we found we couldn’t simply “lift and shift”. In fact, we found that the cloud turned our conventions into anti-patterns.
  • Being a first adopter amongst our peers posed challenges. 
  • We had to learn our chosen Cloud platform and while establishing guiding policies. In effect, we were paving the way for the rest of the company.