COVID safety guidelines

The following guidelines are accurate as of November 2021. We don’t know what exact guidance (venue specific, local, or national) will be in place for large events in 2022. The information below is given as a guide as to what to expect, but it is subject to change.

As always, your safety is of paramount importance to us, and we are working closely with the venue to ensure that we follow official guidance and best practices when it comes to COVID safety. If we are required to amend our entry requirements or COVID guidelines before the event we will update you by email. Everyone in attendance at our event, including ticket holders, sponsors, speakers, members of staff, and our service partners must comply with all updates. 

By municipal mandate, all event attendees and all staff will be required to show proof they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO. You can learn more about accepted Proof of Vaccination and reasonable accommodations on New York City’s Key to NYC website.

Enhanced Safety Precautions On-Site

  • During the event, we will sanitize every event floor every 30 minutes. This includes frequently-touched surfaces like door handles. We use 3M’s hospital-grade 5L disinfectant/germicide. 
  • We sanitize all restrooms with 3M’s hospital-grade 5L disinfectant/germicide. 
  • We provide wall-mounted hand sanitizers in all restrooms and the entrance lobbies, as well as in our offices and staff rooms. 
  • Our security team ensures the separation of foot traffic between designated entrances and exits. This means no intermingling of attendees arriving and leaving.
  • Our HVAC system features upgraded general surgery-grade filtration. Rated 13 on the MERV scale (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), our filters control particles as small as 1.0–0.3 μm, including droplet nuclei. 
  • The venue also educates and trains all of its employees on all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.
  • Catering will be provided in line with the latest government guidance, you can expect individually packaged items, all cutlery wrapped and packaged and contactless water filling stations.

An update on our entry requirements and safety initiatives will be provided to all attendees closer to the event. Our priority is to deliver a safe event that brings the LeadDev community together and we look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly: [email protected].


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