Purchase a Digital Access Pass

The live stream is over but you can purchase a pass to access videos from the LeadDev and StaffPlus New York 2022 conferences.



Getting access as a ticket holder?

We don't have a record of a ticket for the user that you are signed in with.

Double check your ticket to make sure that you are trying to access with the correct email address (see below for where to find your ticket).

If you're sure that the ticket is correct, get in touch via Slack and we'll investigate for you

Where can I find my ticket?

Your ticket will have been emailed to you from support@tito.io (Tito is our ticketing provider). If you don't have an email from Tito with your ticket, check with the person who made the booking originally. Otherwise, get in touch and we'll be able to help.

Contact the team

The quickest way to get support is via our #help-desk channel on Slack (not a member of LeadDev Slack? join here.)

You can also email hello@leaddev.com although response times will be slower.