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Whether you’re a senior engineer or a senior manager, making decisions is the hardest thing you have to do. This sentiment is equally true when deciding your own career path.

Feb 7 to April 18, 2023 Group leadership course
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Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the insights so you’re making the best decisions as to how to evolve in your career? Perhaps you want to roll the tapes forward to see what the future looks like. What exactly is expected at each level in the Staff + path vs the senior management path? How does one side work with the other? What changes as you progress as an engineering manager? Is there a symbiotic relationship between the two roles? Or maybe you’re at a pivotal moment in which you’re actually deciding right now which path you should take!

In this talk we’ll give you two perspectives! We’ll share our experiences and challenges from both sides of the senior leadership coin: staff+ and senior management. From navigating promotions in both tracks to the overlap in the problem spaces – we’ll share some uncut gems that will help you anticipate the changes in your role as you progress in your career.