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Welcome to LeadDev London 2023

9:40 10 mins

Welcome to LeadDev London 2023

A welcome to LeadDev London 2022 from the host Meri Williams.


Compassionate on-call

In this talk, we’ll discuss how to build a compassionate on-call rota, and how that can help build sustainable and high performing teams.


Lisa Karlin Curtis
Lisa Karlin Curtis
Software Engineer incident.io

Red 2.0: Transforming a Game Company

A look at how the Tech Team at CD Projekt applied the Red 2.0 Manifesto as part of a company-wide transformation after the release of Cyberpunk 2077.


Colin Walder
Colin Walder
Engineering Director, Management and Audio CD Projekt Red
11:02 30 min



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What Do You Mean There’s No Onboarding Plan for Engineering Managers?

In this talk, I’ll share my four-week onboarding process for engineering leads that emphasizes peopleware, tech leadership, and delivery management.


Daniel Korn
Daniel Korn
Director of Engineering Lemonade

Code is Poetry

In this talk, I will talk about how to write good readable code, ticket descriptions, bug patches et al in PHP and Javascript.


Niranjan Uma Shankar
Niranjan Uma Shankar
Head of Acquisition Growth Engineering Automattic Inc

Why Onboarding to a Company's Legacy Codebase Sucks, and How to Make it Work for Your Team

In this talk, I will be discussing the history and context of the problems that plague codebase onboarding. And with problems comes solutions such as tips and tools that make it easier for engineers to onboard a legacy codebase.


Shanea Leven
Shanea Leven
Founder + CEO CodeSee

Making the Move to Manager: Common Pitfalls for New Engineering Leaders

This talk, which will primarily focus on challenges involved with people leadership, will broadly cover: - How to rebrand yourself as a new engineering leader - How to build trust with a new team without prior experience or credibility - How to delegate effectively - How to balance proactive leadership without micromanaging.


Jacqueline  Pan
Jacqueline Pan
Software Engineering Team Lead Bloomberg
Marlena  Lui
Marlena Lui
Software Engineering Team Lead Bloomberg
13:07 70 mins



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"I'm happy where I am" - Supporting team members that aren't seeking progression

Realistically not everyone can or wants to be a Lead Engineer/Engineering Manager/Staff Engineer and nor should we be pushing people into roles they either have no interest in or have done before and not enjoyed.


Ryan  MacGillivray
Ryan MacGillivray
Software Engineer Easol

How to drive pace in your team 🏃🏽‍♀️

By the end of the talk, folks will have received actionable advice that'll help them improve their teams' delivery and pace without a data-first approach.


Alicia  Collymore
Alicia Collymore
Engineering Manager incident.io

How we support making architectural decisions

During the talk, we'll make a deep dive from the principles based on which this group operates to the specific how-to that made its work beneficial for the company and share what we've learned from this whole experience so far.


Olena  Sovyn
Olena Sovyn
Staff Software Engineer Webflow

How I learned to stop worrying about Developer Productivity and love Developer Thriving

In this talk, I want to propose a different, science-backed approach to productivity: let’s shift to thinking about developer thriving.


Cat Hicks
Cat Hicks
VP of Research Insights & Director of Developer Success Lab, Flow Pluralsight Flow
15:52 30 min



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Platform engineering is all about product

In this session you will learn: - What is platform engineering? Isn’t it just a new name for DevOps? - What makes an IDP and a platform team successful? - Who is the platform PM (PPM)? why he is important? How do I convince my head of product we need one? - Practices you can use to build a successful platform, and pitfalls to avoid.


Gal  Bashan
Gal Bashan
Director of engineering Cisco

How to effectively “Spike” a complex technical project

In this talk, I’ll go over what a spike is, how to successfully spike a project, and lessons that I’ve learned from leading several technically complex projects, across 3 different companies, and various different teams.


Aditya  Bansal
Aditya Bansal
Founding Engineer Cortex

The 9.1 Magnitude Meltdown at Fukushima

It was mid-afternoon on Friday, March 11, 2011 when the ground in Tōhoku began to shake. To the operators at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, it seemed like the shaking would never stop. The way their team operated during that fateful week has a lot to teach us about helping our own teams be at their best, both in crisis and out.


Nickolas Means
Nickolas Means
VP of Engineering Sym
17:49 10 min



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