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Understanding your role as an Individual Contributor to level up your professional performance

Companies often reward their most effective engineers with offers for management positions however, for an engineer with leadership abilities, management doesn’t have to be the only option. The staff engineer path allows you to contribute at a high level while having more free time to drive big projects, focus on tech strategy, and level up everyone's skills.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked where Suzan Bond will be joined by Tanya Reilly to discuss her latest book ‘The Staff Engineer’s Path: A Guide For Individual Contributors Navigating Growth and change’.

In this session, Tanya Reilly will discuss how to pave the path for yourself as a Staff engineer, in one of the few published books for engineers navigating the senior IC track.  She will show you ways to master strategic thinking, manage challenging projects, and set technical work standards.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to navigate professional growth and change as an individual contributor 
  • Gain more clarity on the value added of senior individual contributors to an organization
  • Understand the different roles of a Staff engineer and how to develop them from a management perspective