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What do you do when your team is overwhelmed with work, and you can’t hire more people? If you can’t scale out, you have to scale UP! In this talk, I’ll share the story of how I became a manager of a team of 4 engineers, a dozen products to maintain, and more to build. We were treading water but we didn’t have the budget to hire more folks. The only solution was to scale the team’s ability to execute by investing in each team member’s growth and development.

In this talk I’ll describe how I provided team members with visibility over the horizon, by fostering cross-team relationships and providing insight into higher-level leadership discussions. I’ll share ways a manager can act as a compass, by providing regular evaluations, creating alignment with the company’s broader goals, and coaching individuals to conduct self-assessments. I’ll also discuss ways to equip individuals for their journey with tools such as sponsorship and by defining team processes. Attendees will leave this talk thinking about how to use these approaches to nurture excellence among the folks on their own teams.